Fitnesstest für internationale Schiedsrichter


Von den Schiedsrichter, die zu internationalen Turnieren nominiert werden muss angenommen werden können, dass sie topfit sind. Die betreffenden Schiedsrichtern haben sich eigenständig auf ihre Turniere vorzubereiten, was natürlich auch einen dementsprechenden Fitness-Level voraussetzt.

Für Schiedsrichter, die auf der „Promising List“ stehen bzw. höher eingestuft sind, muss der nationale Verband 2x im Jahr verpflichtend bis spätestens
28. Februar und 1. August 2014 einen Fitness Test durchführen und das Erreichen das Minimumlevels auch bestätigen. Sollte dies nicht bestätigt werden oder der betreffende Schiedsrichter den notwendigen Level nicht erreichen, so wir dieser bis zur dementsprechenden Bestätigung bzw. Erreichen des Levels nicht zu Turnieren angesetzt.

Der ÖHV hat sich entschieden nur dementsprechend fitte Schiedsrichter zu internationalen Turnieren zu nennen. Daher wird der ÖHV eigenständig entscheiden, welche Schiedsrichter, die der FIH bzw. EHF für die Ansetzung zu internationalen Turnieren genannt werden, zusätzlich solch einen Fitness Test ablegen müssen. Daher ersucht der ÖHV alle Schiedsrichter, die für internationale Nominierungen zur Verfügung stehen, sich dementsprechend vorzubereiten.

Bitte findet den genauen Wortlaut der Veröffentlichung der FIH unten und den Link zur FIH Umpires Fitness Training Manual HIER:

Dear National Associations

As you will be aware there is currently the following requirement with regard to Fitness Testing for International Umpires at Tournaments: -

Summary requirements for Fitness Test:

MANDATORY to stage a Fitness Test (Shuttle Run/Beep Test or Cooper Test):
· At all Senior Inter Nation Tournaments with 6 or more teams participating
· At all U21 Inter Nation Tournaments with 6 or more teams participating
· At all World Cup or Olympic Games Qualifying Events, including World League
· At Continental Qualifying Nations events

RECOMMENDED (NOT MANDATORY) to stage a Fitness Test (Shuttle Run/Beep Test only):
· At Youth (U19/U18/U17/U16) Inter Nations Tournaments with 6 or more teams participating; decision to be made by Continental Federation
or by UM/TD
· At ALL other events with 6 or more teams participating and controlled by a Tournament Director, who is appointed by Continental
Federation or FIH


Shuttle Run / Beep Test MEN WOMEN
Under 30 years 10 9
30 to 40 years 9 8
40 years and over 8 7
Cooper Test (12 minute run)
Any age 2.500 metres 2.300 metres

For the future, it is anticipated that with effect from 1 January 2014: -
· Fitness Tests will not be conducted at FIH Tournaments. Please note that this does not signify any less emphasis being placed on Umpire fitness. Indeed we stress the requirement for Umpires to be fitter than ever before (as the game becomes faster, players become fitter and with the number of players per team having increased from 16 to 18, plus recent Rules changes which mean the ball is in play for longer per match). Our preference is that Umpires will maintain an active level of fitness all year around, and then prepare from this base fitness level for their Tournament appointments. We are also aware that fitness tests at Tournaments in a pressurised environment can sometimes cause injuries and FIH wishes to minimise this risk to our Umpires in the days immediately prior to a Tournament
· It is therefore preferred that the National Associations of all Umpires above International grade should provide FIH with certification of Fitness Test results in advance of their Tournaments. Please note that the Shuttle Run / Beep Test is the preferred test. However, if an Umpire is recovering from knee operation, for example, the Cooper Test would be acceptable in its place
· All Umpires at PUL and above will need to provide Fitness Test results twice a year, with the dates to be set at 28 February and 1 August 2014. These dates will be co-ordinated with those set for Road to The Hague / Road to Rio Umpires Fitness Test results and would need to be signed off by National Associations for their own Umpires
· If no certification is provided, then an Umpire’s ‘active’ status will be put ‘on hold’
· To underline the commitment to Umpire fitness, a fitness training session will still be included in the pre-Tournament programme (in the time slot that would have been generally reserved for the Fitness Test) in the days in the lead up to the start of FIH Tournaments
· The current fitness level requirements related to age are retained, with the exception of those for World and World Development Panel Umpires who would need to reach a specific, and as yet undetermined, level
· If an Umpire arrives at a Tournament and is clearly not fit, then whether he/she is allowed to umpire will be at the discretion of the TD/UM. In case of doubt about an Umpire’s fitness, the TD/UM may require a Fitness Test to be staged at the Tournament. However, at the limit, the Umpire may be excluded from the Tournament with any associated costs for accommodation, meals and travel (if the Umpire is required to return home) for the account of that Umpire’s National Association